• Health & Fitness
  • Conquering Our First Mud Hero!

    What a rush, and what a sense of achievement. As a former “anti-doing-any-kind-of-exercise” type, I’m pretty astounded that I managed to run 6km on the weekend, not to mention conquer all of the obstacles that the awesome Mud Hero organizers put in our way. I’ve wanted to try a Mud Hero race for a while. […]

  • Health & Fitness
  • How to Focus in a World of Distraction

    how to focus

    As a new mompreneur, like most people in online business, I look to fellow writers, bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs for advice. And I have gained so much from reading countless articles and participating in discussions. But if I’m honest, sometimes it all just gets a bit much. There is so much conflicting information, lists of […]

  • Pregnancy
  • All That Pregnancy Discharge ~ What Moms Can Expect

    pregnancy discharge

    Adapted excerpt from Stuff I Wish I Knew…About Pregnancy. If you’re pregnant and have an internet connection, chances are that search engines and forums have already become your best friends. One of the most common yet varied complaints – and cause for lots of googling – is all that pregnancy discharge. First it’s discharge from […]

  • Parenting
  • 3 Reasons We Are All Superheroes


    The other day I heard the term “supermom”. I’ve heard it before and even used it, with admittedly very little thought to its actual meaning. However, this time it was directed toward me. Of course I was extremely flattered but at the same time modest. On first hearing it, I thought that this person must […]

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  • Peach and Coconut Popsicle Recipe ~ Summer on a Stick!

    popsicle recipe

    Nothing says summer quite like fresh juicy peaches and the delicious aroma of coconut! This peach and coconut popsicle recipe is the perfect refresher for hot summer days. Keep a stash in your freezer to delight kids and adults alike. What you’ll need: 3 cups fresh peaches, peeled and pits removed 1 cup fresh raspberries […]