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  • How to Focus in a World of Distraction

    how to focus

    As a new mompreneur, like most people in online business, I look to fellow writers, bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs for advice. And I have gained so much from reading countless articles and participating in discussions. But if I’m honest, sometimes it all just gets a bit much. There is so much conflicting information, lists of […]

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  • Stick 2 Me Labels Review ~ No More Sharpies!

    stick 2 me

    Before you become a parent you make so many promises to yourself about all of the things you’re going to do or not do. Well, one of my bazillion promises to myself was that all of my kids’ stuff would be neatly labelled and we would never lose anything. Of course, life happens and out comes the […]

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  • 3 Reasons We Are All Superheroes


    The other day I heard the term “supermom”. I’ve heard it before and even used it, with admittedly very little thought to its actual meaning. However, this time it was directed toward me. Of course I was extremely flattered but at the same time modest. On first hearing it, I thought that this person must […]

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  • Life with a Newborn ~ Fielding Advice and Needing Help


    Adapted excerpt from Stuff I Wish I Knew…About Newborns. So Much Newborn Advice New parents often hope that all of the unsolicited advice during pregnancy will now be a thing of the past. However, in many cases arriving home with your baby offers even more potential for unwelcome and often intrusive advice. Everything is up for questioning, from sleeping to […]

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  • Baby Sleep ~ What To Expect

    baby sleep

    Adapted excerpt from Stuff I Wish I Knew…About Newborns. Baby sleep! There are countless books devoted to this topic and for good reason. How much or how little your baby sleeps can have a huge impact on your life as a new parent. Now I’m not about to dish out a ton of advice about […]

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  • Mommy, Why Do You Wear Makeup?


    Kids are amazingly inquisitive aren’t they? Always at the ready with seemingly simple questions that unexpectedly stump even the most prepared parent. Both of my kids have always had an interest in my makeup application routine. I don’t wear a lot by any means, but a pat of concealer under my eyes, a little blush and […]