How to Focus in a World of Distraction

how to focus

As a new mompreneur, like most people in online business, I look to fellow writers, bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs for advice. And I have gained so much from reading countless articles and participating in discussions. But if I’m honest, sometimes it all just gets a bit much. There is so much conflicting information, lists of the same things written in a million different ways, not to mention the hoards of people trying to get you to buy their services. Of course, a lot of the information out there is extremely helpful and many of the services are very credible. But sometimes it feels like you are bombarded with so much information there is no room for your own thoughts. It can be difficult to figure out how to focus on what matters.

Reclaiming Head Space

Being an introvert, claiming real estate in my own head and having space to exercise and nurture my thoughts without outside influence is extremely important to me. So sometimes I just have to take a step back and shut out all of that white noise. Yes, I really want to read that latest newsletter, watch that webinar and listen to that super important podcast. But I just can’t do it all. And even if I could, I don’t think my brain could handle it. Not only does this information overload leave me feeling frazzled and unaccomplished, but it has also caused me to lose focus on my goals and what I want to achieve.

This realization has given rise to me setting a brand new goal. That goal is to find a balance between learning from others and giving myself the freedom to truly explore my own thoughts. Yes, other people probably have something very important to say to me, but so do I. If I just listen to everything everyone else is telling me, I’ll probably just end up jumping on the proverbial bandwagon and never create anything unique.

I have so many ideas and I believe I have the smarts to execute them. I have pledged to myself that I will let those ideas roam free. Of course, I will seek advice along the way when I need it, but I won’t allow my focus to be deterred by the next “vital” piece of information that crosses my path.

How to Focus?

It’s very easy to decide to alter my focus but putting this into practice is something different entirely. Luckily I have my own tried and tested techniques for making sure I can target my efforts where they need to be. Here are my top three methods for maintaining focus.

  1. Making Sure I Exercise

As I talked about in my post I Exercise When I Should Be At Work, exercise helps me focus. I sleep better and am sharper during the day as a result of exercise. When I don’t work out I’m lethargic and my brain never quite feels clear. Running is my exercise of choice at the moment; it helps me to relax, focus and achieve my goals.

  1. Setting Clear Goals

Goal setting, including writing them down, is really the only sure-fire way to get things accomplished. I set long-term goals as well as weekly and daily goals. Do I accomplish every goal? No, life happens, but I try to stick to them as much as possible. I also try to remain flexible, particularly with long-term goals.

  1. Planning My Day

I plan my day to the minute and I use my goals as a guide. When my day is full, there is far less opportunity for distraction. If I see something I think I might like to read I check the first paragraph and bookmark it for later. In most cases I forget about it. That means it probably wasn’t something I “needed” to read anyway. If I remember it then I go back to it when I have a little down time.

How about you? What distractions are causing you to lose focus and what can you do to change things?


Not only does this information overload leave me feeling frazzled and unaccomplished, but it has also caused me to lose focus on my goals and what I want to achieve...

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