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Stuff I Wish I Knew…About Pregnancy

Find out what women really wish they knew about the rollercoaster journey that is pregnancy. This quick and easy read takes a look at some of the less talked about aspects of those fun-filled nine months. My frank and honest approach makes this book a must-read for expectant parents everywhere. It covers everything from surprising pregnancy symptoms to the shocking comments pregnant women field. Whether you choose to read it from cover to cover or keep it as a handy reference for when odd things arise, you’ll be sure to find lots of useful information to help you take pregnancy in your stride.

Stuff I Wish I Knew…About Childbirth

Find out all of the things about childbirth that nobody tells you. I continue to guide you on your journey to parenthood by taking an honest and lighthearted look at labour and delivery. This book covers all of the less talked about delivery room details to help you deal with some of life’s not so welcome surprises! Another quick and easy read, this book will have you feeling ready to your deliver your baby in no time.

Stuff I Wish I Knew…About Newborns

Find out what life with a newborn is really like. In this book I’ve applied my usual candid approach to parenthood as I discuss what parents really wish they knew about having a newborn. From cord stumps to pumping and a whole lot in between find out what life with a new baby can really mean for you. This must-have read for new and expectant parents will leave you feeling ready to tackle anything your new role may bring.

Fitness and Exercise the Fun Way

Join me on my mission to find super fun ways to get fit without having to go to the gym, watch a workout video, or go anywhere near a treadmill. After becoming a mom I was determined to stay fit, active and healthy but I loathed the standard workouts. I set myself a mission to find fun activities that would help me improve all facets of my fitness, while still having fun with my husband and kids. I share my story and all that I’ve learned in this handy book. Whether you’re looking to exercise at home, join a class, or simply do something different on the weekend, I’ve got you covered. From swing dancing to hula hooping to ziplining, there is sure to be something for everyone.